Retro_actual_1971_Foucault Chomsky Debatte on Human Nature: Power vs. Justice

Foucault: “ … in a classless society I am not sure that we would still use this notion of justice.“

Chomsky: “ I am sure there is a sort of basis of ultimately residing in fundamental human qualities in terms of which a real notion of justice is grounded, and I think that our existing system embodies a kind of a groping towards the true humanly valuable concept of justice and decency and love …“

Foucault: “ I cannot help but think that the notion of human nature, the notion of goodness, of justice, of human essence and its realization are all notion and concepts that have been formed within our civilization, in our system of knowledge, in our form of philosophy and as a result, they form part of our class system. And we cannot, however regrettable it may be, put forward these notions to describe or justify a fight that should and shall in principle overthrow the very foundations of our society.“

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