Raven. I seldom experienced such a profound paralysis. It is not my body but my soul who seems to go through an entropic growth. Will this soul  tear up my thin thin body???

Today I was able to walk akmost an hour, I saw so many vibrant leaves trembling in the wind, light penetrate the Green but also many brown leaves covering the path.

How much easier and more elegant leaves‘ transform into small particles, into earth and ground compared to the decay of a human body….

Paralyzed because I cannot get enough of what I need to calm down and stop scream.

Poor poor needs that have grown to a gigantic voice inside of me. Raven.

„What else than bleak couldn’t be the the writing of a woman.“ This phrase I read on Twitter this evening.

A Tweet of a man who got 6000 Retweets.

„Was anders als öde kann eine Frau schreiben?“( in etwa übersetzung)

6000 Retweets/kopien.

Let’s take our medication.


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