45 nevermore


AM 3.57!

I cannot sleep. Will I be able to sleep evermore?!

You have to be my priest, please! Raven!

Pray tell me whether these false things I did in my life were big human mistakes or small human mistakes!?

What if I did a tiny mistake lately but it had the impact to let me be killed now?

Must I….? Raven!

Do I have to?!

Shall  the side of the coin decide what has to happen with me NOW!?

Tiny mistake or big mistake, Raven!????

Can’t there be any difference between tiny and big?

Am I not capable to differ? Is my heart not?!

Do I pay beyond edge? For  small or a big human mistake, Raven!?

Please, go to God and ask him for me, and then

turn back to me with the answer !!!!!!!

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