Charlotte Dawe, 26ig, seit sechs Jahren an M.E. erkrankt. Künstlerin, Kalligrafin, früher Bagpiperin (?) private Pilote. Würde gerne in den Wald ziehen.

Saevus 2

Would I could communicate

With some barbaric entity,

For I could swear that he or she

Could yet have far more sympathy

With creatures thus aflame like me

Than any gentler company.

For they would fain to damp, abate,

When what I want is rushing on,

Nay, I would fain myself be gone!

And walk through frost-bit, stirrless dawn,

To walk until my face were drawn

And hollow; ‘til just my spirit shone. (Charlotte Dawe)

Amara, seit 20Jahren an M.e. erkrankt

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